PH Monoblock PH-4S 4 column PH-2S 2 column or 2 stand

The hydraulic downstroke moulding presses

PH, PH-4S, PH-2S – power in the smallest of spaces

Whether a monoblock, 4 column or 2 column design - we develop, design and produce high-performance hydraulic presses. Suitable for the production of ring blanks, open die-forged or drop-forged parts The presses of the PH, PH-4S and PH-2S series are fitted with state-of-the-art control technology and generate a press force of between 6.3 MN - 120 MN. Always adapted to your individual needs.

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Technical Data

Press force (MN) 6,3 – 40 10 – 120 10 – 120
Press frame Monoblock 4 column 2 column or 2 stand
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Workpieces Ring blanks 
Forged parts
Drop-forged parts
Ring blanks 
Forged parts
Drop-forged parts
Ring blanks 
Forged parts
Drop-forged parts


Technical data in accordance with customer specifications
Subject to technical changes






  • Massive press stands in full-depth welded fin construction
  • Checked for fatigue strength and form-retention with FEM
  • Wear-resistant hardened heat-treated steel pistons
  • Metal contact-free seal and guidance system
  • Diagonally-ordered cross-hair guidance
  • Easy to maintain and precise setting of the slide guide
  • Joystick operation with line display or a visualization touchscreen
  • Produced exclusively from prefabricated parts from brand manufacturers
  • New, oil-hydraulic high-performance compact drive
  • Clean operation with OilClean technology


  • A fully-fledged alternative to conventional presses and forging hammers
  • With outputs of up to 12.5 MN without foundation pit
  • Up to 16 MN output operational delivery
  • A favourable price / performance ratio
  • Compact design saves considerable space
  • Extremely easy to maintenance


  • Table and slide ejector
  • Upper tool adjustment
  • Table tool adjustment
  • Lifting and centring systems
  • Integrated / pivotable cupping and hole punching device
  • Turntables
  • Quick forging system (up to 175 strokes/min)
  • Tool-change systems
  • Simple tool assistance
  • Pivot arm
  • Partial forging unit/swivelling back gauge magazine
  • Back gauge magazine
  • Forge scale scraper
  • Spraying system
  • Control:
    • Visualization
    • Tool magazine
    • Remote maintenance modem
    • Teachin module
    • Cycle memory
    • The integration of the periphery in the press control e.g. the manipulator