Fin press

LPH Hydraulic forging press 50MN - 100MN

Lamella design for realization of high pressing forces with full automation possibilities

Unique production machines

Special presses for every forming task represent the optimum solution between a standard design and individual customer requirements. In close cooperation with our customers, we are constantly breaking new ground and optimizing forming technology through genuine innovations. Each of these makes forming processes even more functional, safer and more economical.

The LPH series press was designed by PRESSTEC for higher press force ranges from 50 MN to 100 MN. The development objective was to design a press which is nevertheless durable and reliable at low acquisition costs. The press requires only a small foundation depth, which additionally reduces the incidental acquisition costs considerably. It is also noteworthy that the complete construction is not welded but bolted together with tie rods.

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Technical Data



LPH 7500

Pressing force (MN)

50 – 100


press body

Lamella construction, screwed

Lamella construction, screwed





ring blanks

open-die forgings

drop forgings

ring blanks

ejection force According to customer requirements  70 t
tool room According to customer requirements

Width between slats: 1520 mm
Installation height: 1520 mm

Overall height above ground level According to customer requirements  8000 mm
2 pieces sliding tables According to customer requirements  Verfahrweg 3500 mm

Subject to technical changes without notice.