FPH Hydraulic cold extrusion press 6,3MN - 40MN

Compact design with high forming speeds

Due to our many years of experience in modernizing and overhauling presses from various manufacturers and makes, we have extensive knowledge and know the advantages and disadvantages of the various models and designs. We have been able to apply this knowledge to our new developments and have thus developed press series that will be able to withstand the constantly changing demands of the future.

The new FPH is perfectly suited for cold extrusion. The press is characterised by the high rigidity and high forming speeds of the one-piece press frame, which can be set up quickly and easily without a foundation pit. The fast pressure build-up increases the performance and the infinitely variable press speed makes production more cost-effective and efficient.

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Technical Data



Presskraft 4 -12 MN
Bauart Monoblock Schweißkonstruktion
Antrieb hydraulisch
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  • A favourable price / performance ratio
  • High productivity and long-term reproducible part precision with long tool durability
  • Low maintenance costs through a robust, low-wear design
  • Especially rigid, low-vibration process design
  • Simple-to-operate process control with visualization
  • Fast service and replacement part service


  • High rigidity of the one-piece press frame (FEM optimized)
  • High eccentric load permissible if required
  • Robust construction
  • Ground level installation - no special foundation required (up to FPH 1,000 t)
  • Stepless press force adjustment and pressure build-up
  • Stroke- or force-dependent control of the forming process
  • State-of-the-art control technology (joystick operation with line display or visualisation touch screen)
  • Crosshair guide on ram
  • Maintenance-friendly, precise adjustment of the slide guide
  • Wear-resistant piston made of hardened quenched and tempered steel
  • Metallic non-contact sealing and guide system
  • Manufactured exclusively from standard components from brand manufacturers
  • Clean operation through OilClean technology
  • Fast reversal after pressure build-up and high forming speed
  • Oil-hydraulic high-performance compact drive
  • Modern hydraulic drive concept, servo-hydraulic drive also possible
  • Complete automation for workpiece handling and tool change retrofittable


  • Transfers (transfer systems)
  • robot automation
  • Tool changing systems
  • Table and ram ejectors
  • light barriers
  • skirting boards
  • Fixed stops (also adjustable)