Commissioned production

PRESSTEC – your expert partner for commissioned manufacture

You are looking for a qualified partner to process your large components; with the expertise to produce by diagram and certified in accordance with ISO 9001?

We drill, mill, spindle, turn, gear, hone, bevel and use heat treatment to process your large and special parts (with a component weight of up to 100t) in our own machine park

We always have spare production capacity for commissions.

Your advantages:

a one-stop shop: Material purchase, welding, levelling, tensioned processing, heat treatment, gearing, deep-hole drilling, hydraulic fitting, pipeline construction, final assembly, colouring...

Flexible manufacture: short delivery times, punctuality, high quality - the characteristics of production in our state-of-the-art machine park.

Cost / performance ratio: our high in-house production depth enables us to provide the best prices for even special wishes.

Examples of our services:

  • The production of special parts following drawings or dimensional measurements on the old part.
  • Large components up to a weight of 100t
  • Complete processing including the heat treatment of steel machine components, aluminium, VA material, titanium, cast, bronze...
  • Milling, turning, drilling, spindling, hea