RPH-S Hydraulic forging press 10MN - 80MN

Compact press - the all-rounder for cold and hot forming

Due to our many years of experience in modernizing and overhauling presses from various manufacturers and makes, we have extensive knowledge and know the advantages and disadvantages of the various models and designs. We have been able to apply this knowledge to our new developments and have thus developed press series that will be able to withstand the constantly changing demands of the future.

With the compact presses of the KPH series, we have developed a particularly economical and flexible press with press forces from 8 MN to 35 MN for drop forging and cold forming. The presses can be used for both hot and cold work - as fully automatic or manual loading machines as required. They are characterized by high productivity and part accuracy. The four-column monoblock design is compact and space-saving, but also allows access from all four sides and thus offers all degrees of freedom for workpieces and tool handling. A foundation pit is also not required for the KPH series, so that the press is ready for operation at your factory within a few days. Equipped with the most modern and individual control technology, your production will have your all-rounder in no time at all.

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Technical Data




Pressing force (MN)

8 – 40

10 – 100

Press Body

Monoblock welded construction

4-columns, cast construction





ring blanks

open-die forgings

drop forgings

ring blanks

open-die forgings

drop forgings

Technical data according to customer specification
Subject to technical changes without notice.





  • Tested and optimized for fatigue strength and deformation with FEM
  • Wear-resistant piston made of hardened quenched and tempered steel
  • Metallic non-contact sealing and guide system
  • Diagonally arranged crosshair guide
  • Maintenance-friendly, precise adjustment of the slide guide
  • Joystick operation with line display or visualisation touch screen
  • Manufactured exclusively from standard components from brand manufacturers
  • New, oil-hydraulic high-performance compact drive
  • Clean operation through OilClean technology
  • Complete automation for workpiece handling and tool change retrofittable
  • Quick forging module available for up to 120 strokes / minute
  • No or only minimal foundation depth required (depending on press force)


  • Table and ram ejectors
  • Upper tool displacement
  • Table-tool shifting
  • Lifting and centering devices
  • integrated / swing-in cup and hole devices
  • rotary tables
  • Quick forging equipment (up to 120 strokes/min)
  • Tool changing systems
  • simple tool aids
  • swing arms
  • Partial forging jig/rotary caliper
  • saddle magazine
  • scale scraper
  • spraying systems
  • Control: visualization; tool memory; remote maintenance modem; teaching module; cycle memory; integration of peripherals into the press control, e.g. manipulator
  • robot automation