RPH Hydraulic forging press 8MN - 40MN

RPH - Power in the Smallest Space

Due to our many years of experience in modernizing and overhauling presses from various manufacturers and makes, we have extensive knowledge and know the advantages and disadvantages of the various models and designs. We have been able to apply this knowledge to our new developments and have thus developed press series that will be able to withstand the constantly changing demands of the future. We develop, design and manufacture high-performance hydraulic presses.

The presses of the RPH series are fully-fledged alternatives to conventional presses and forging hammers and are suitable for the production of ring blanks, freeform and drop forgings. We supply the presses of the RPH series from 8 MN to 40 MN.

Due to the intelligent and compact design, our presses are flexible and space-saving - for capacities up to 12.5 MN, no foundation pit is necessary and for capacities up to 16 MN, we enable ready-to-operate delivery. Our presses are extremely easy to maintain and offer the perfect price/performance ratio. Equipped with state-of-the-art control technology and individual automation options, we can adapt any press to your needs and wishes.

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Technical Data




Presskraft (MN)

6,3 – 40

10 – 100



4-Säulen, Gußkonstruktion












Technische Daten nach Kundenspezifikation
Technische Änderungen vorbehalten.



  • Solid press stand in fully connection welded lamella design
  • Tested with FEM for fatigue strength and deformation
  • Wear-resistant piston made of hardened quenched and tempered steel
  • Metallic non-contact sealing and guide system
  • Diagonally arranged crosshair guide
  • Maintenance-friendly, precise adjustment of the slide guide
  • Joystick operation with line display or visualisation touch screen
  • Manufactured exclusively from standard components from brand manufacturers
  • New, oil-hydraulic high-performance compact drive
  • Clean operation through OilClean technology


  • Tisch- und Stößelausstoßer
  • Obere Werkzeugverschiebung
  • Tisch-Werkzeugverschiebung
  • Hebe- und Zentriervorrichtungen
  • integrierte / einschwenkbare Napf- und Lochvorrichtungen
  • Drehtische
  • Schnellschmiedeeinrichtung (bis 175 Hübe/min)
  • Werkzeugwechselsysteme
  • einfache Werkzeughilfen
  • Einschwenkarme
  • Partialschmiedevorrichtung/Drehsattel
  • Sattelmagazin
  • Zunderabstreifer
  • Sprühsysteme
  • Steuerung: Visualisierung; Werkzeugspeicher; Fernwartungsmodem; Teaching-Modul; Zyklusspeicher; Integration von Peripherie in die Pressensteuerung, z. B. Manipulator