The compact press

KPH – the multitalent

The compact presses of the K-PH series represent an especially economical and flexible press for drop forging and cold forming, generating press forces of between 8 MN and 35 MN. The presses can be used for both warm and cold work, and depending on requirements, can be used as a fully-automatic or in manual working mode. They are characterized by their high productivity and part precision. The four stand monoblock design affords access from all four sides, thus providing complete freedom for the workpiece and tool-handling.

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Technical Data

Press force 5 - 35 MN
Construction Cast design
Drive Hydraulic
Table dimensions 800 mm x 800 mm bis 
1400 mm x 1200 mm

Technical data in accordance with customer specifications. 
Subject to technical changes.


  • Monoblock design in cast-iron construction (massive construction) downstroke construction
  • Checked for fatigue strength and form-retention with FEM
  • Wear-resistant hardened heat-treated steel pistons
  • Metal contact-free seal and guidance system
  • Diagonally-ordered cross-hair guidance
  • Easy to maintain and precise setting of the slide guide
  • Joystick operation with line display or a visualization touchscreen
  • Produced exclusively from prefabricated parts from brand manufacturers
  • Oil-hydraulic compact drive with block hydraulics and cartridge technique
  • Clean operation with OilClean technology


  • For cold or warm working
  • No foundation pit required (floor level setup up to 20 MN)
  • Extremely high form-retention
  • A favourable price / performance ratio
  • Its compact structure saves considerable space - without compromising performance
  • Very good calibration results


  • Transfers (transfer system)
  • Robot automation (insert-placing robots)
  • Simple tool change aids
  • Table and slide ejectors
  • Light barriers
  • Cap strip
  • Spraying system